Our Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct defines the basic set of rules for us and all of our business practices. All of our business partners are obliged to follow this code of conduct just as ISA-TRAESKO is committed to follow these guidelines as well.

Our code of conduct is based on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions, the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) code of conduct and the United Nations human rights declaration. 

Many companies have a code of conduct. But not many verify if their rules are actually implemented. We understand our code of conduct as the basic foundation on which our CR strategy is based: Our factory selection process, our factory assessments and training programs. This still can't serve as a guarantee for full compliance. But we believe it is a pretty good step in the right direction. 

Learn more about the details of our CR standards in our sustainability report. 

Our Sustainability Report

1. Laws
All manufacturing facilities shall comply with all applicable national and international laws and regulations, industrial minimum standards as well as any other relevant legal provisions. All manufacturing facilities should strive to adhere to the principles that provide the best protection for workers and the environment.


2. Right of Freedom of Association and Right of Collective Bargaining
ISA-TRAESKO and all business partners shall respect the right of all workers to form trade unions in a free and democratic manner, shall not discriminate against workers due to union membership and shall respect the right of all workers to bargain collectively. Workers’ representatives shall not be prevented from contacting workers at their workplace or from interacting with them.
At manufacturing facilities in countries where union activities are illegal or where free and democratic union activities are prohibited, the business partners shall adopt this principle by allowing their workers to freely elect their own representatives, with whom the company may discuss occupational issues.


3. Non-discrimination
ISA-TRAESKO prohibits any form of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation. In particular, this includes discrimination based on gender, age, religion, race, caste, colour, disability, ethnicity, national or social origin, membership of a labour organisation including trade unions, political affiliation, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristics.
All employees shall be treated with dignity and respect and shall not be subjected to harassment or disciplinary measures based on the reasons specified above.


4. Working Hours
Working hours shall comply with the applicable national laws, industrial standards or relevant ILO conventions, whichever is the stricter regulation.
The maximum permissible number of working hours per week according to the national laws shall apply. Extra work shall remain an exception, shall be performed on a voluntary basis, shall be rewarded at a rate of at least one and a quarter times the basic remuneration and shall not lead to a considerably higher probability of occupational risks. Employees of business partners shall be entitled to rest periods on each working day and to at least one day off after six consecutive working days.


5. Fair Remuneration
ISA-TRAESKO’s business partners shall ensure that the wages paid to the employees correspond at least to the minimum wage required either by law or the normal standards of the respective industry, whichever is the higher. In addition, they should pay adequate wages that are sufficient to ensure a dignified standard of living for the employees and their families.
Wages shall be paid on time, at regular intervals and in full using legal means of payment. According to the ILO conventions, partial payment in the form of subsidised services is permitted. Deductions shall only be permitted according to the applicable legal regulations or conditions defined in collective agreements.


6. Forced Labour
ISA-TRAESKO does not tolerate any form of forced, bonded (including debt bondage) or indentured labour, slave labour, trafficked labour, prison labour or non-voluntary labour.
All workers shall be free to leave work and terminate their employment subject to a reasonable period of notice.
Business partners shall be particularly careful when directly or indirectly hiring or employing migrant workers.


7. Child Labour and Young Workers
ISA-TRAESKO prohibits any form of child labour and any form of exploitation of children and adolescents. If any violation of this prohibition is detected, appropriate remedial actions shall be taken immediately. Moreover, measures and procedures shall be taken that serve the purposes of the rehabilitation and social integration of the children concerned.
ISA-TRAESKO’s business partners shall neither directly nor indirectly employ workers under the legal minimum age, which may not be below 15 years, unless the exceptions of the ILO apply.
Adolescents may not perform night work and must be protected against occupational conditions that jeopardise their health, safety, morals and development. If young workers are employed, business partners shall ensure that the work they perform does not have a negative effect on their health or development and that their working hours do not restrict their participation in educational programmes.


8. Occupational Health and Safety
ISA-TRAESKO’s business partners shall foster a safe and healthy work environment. Vulnerable individuals including but not limited to young workers, young mothers, pregnant women and persons with disabilities shall be subject to special protection.
Business partners shall comply with national health and safety regulations or, if the national legal regulations are inadequate or implemented insufficiently, international standards.
Business partners shall implement systems for detecting, assessing, avoiding and controlling potential risks to the health and safety of their workers and take effective measures to prevent potential accidents, injuries and diseases of the employees associated with or occurring in the course of work.
Clean toilets and access to adequate quantities of drinking water shall be provided at the manufacturing facilities.


9. Bribery and Corruption
ISA-TRAESKO does not tolerate any form of bribery, extortion or corruption and expects fair business practices complying with the applicable national and international standards. ISA-TRAESKO and all business partners commit to implementing anti-corruption policies at their manufacturing facilities and raising awareness of corruption issues among all parties involved. This includes but is not limited to cooperation with external auditors.


10. Environmental Protection
ISA-TRAESKO believes that a sustainable solution for the current pollution in many Asian manufacturing countries is essential and is keen to contribute to this solution. Consequently, ISA-TRAESKO and their business partners have implemented a programme that focuses on sustainable, environmentally friendly production processes along the entire supply chain.
All business partners of ISA-TRAESKO commit to complying with country-specific environmental regulations. In addition, they should continuously strive to minimise their environmental impact and reduce the effects of their operational business on the community, natural resources and the environment.


11. Penalties and Remedial Actions
ISA-TRAESKO assumes the right to verify compliance with the basic principles defined in this code of conduct at any time without prior notice. If any violation of the provisions above is detected, the business partners shall take immediate remedial actions. Adequate time shall be given for these actions and support shall be provided by ISA-TRAESKO.
In the event of serious or voluntary violations, ISA-TRAESKO assumes the right to immediately terminate the business relationship.


12. Complaints Procedure
You can notify ISA-TRAESKO – also anonymously – of any complaints or reports on possible violations of this code of conduct by contacting the CR manager through the online greivance mechanism on our website. We will carefully investigate every notification received and immediately correct any potential issues or concerns.

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