Our employees are the cornerstone of our growth
Carsten Heinz

In Neumünster an all over the world

Fair partnerships

We believe that all business relations are based on fair partnership. We try to incorporate this believe in our interactions with both our own employees and our business partners.

That’s not always easy. And sometimes we make mistakes along the way. But we don’t take our promises lightly and face all issues – even the uncomfortable ones. Do we have a gender pay-gap in our company? Are diversity topics present enough in our decision-making process? And how about the workers who work for us in our supply chain? Sure, they don’t have any kind of contractual relation with us. But our orders pay for their wages. So, we must ask ourselves how these wages are getting paid and how our order placement procedures impact their daily life.

We believe that only long-term business relations that are built on trust can achieve the necessary systemic change that is necessary for fair global partnerships. That was our reason to start our own CR-program to find out about the real factory conditions in our partner facilities. Our local CR-teams are conducting social assessments based on a cooperative approach that focusses on improvement processes. We don’t need audit reports that tell us pass or fail. We want to know if the factory is transparent about their daily challenges and if they are willing to work on improvements with us as a partner. You can find more details on this program in our sustainability report.

Our sustainability report

Our promises are getting certified

We think our own social compliance program is pretty awesome. But we understand that you won't just take our word for it.

That's why we send third-party institutes to go and verify social compliance in 100% of our production facilities according to international labour standards. Such audit programs can only offer a temporary glimpse into a factory's situation. But they help us identify focus topics with their fresh outside perspective. Which we then incorporate into our own training program. 


Business Social Compliance Initiative

ISA-TRAESKO follows the principles of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) regarding social responsibility. This is a platform for implementing social standards at production centres and ensuring proper working conditions for all employees. This not only includes monitoring basic principles and rights but also further improving all production conditions in the main import markets.


Thema Noch was wichtiges

Supplier Ethical Data Exchange

SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) is an online platform where member companies openly disclose information on social and ethical processes and practices. The aim of the platform is to ensure transparency along the entire global supply chain and to thus be better able to assess and minimise risks along this chain.



Social Accountability International

SA 8000 verifies adherence to social minimum standards at manufacturing companies and is responsible worldwide for the certification of factories, which is carried out by independent certification organisations. The objective is to improve the working conditions of employees (staff, workers and contract workers).