Top products owing to total quality control

Internal und external inspektions

Production control

ISA-TRAESKO practices an integrated quality management: We do not perceive quality assurance as a downstream department. Customer-oriented and order-related risk assessments are used to identify and track opportunities and risks already during product designing.

Our team of quality inspectors is checking each order carefully before the containers get shiped to our customers.

Around the world

Globally connected for our customers

ISA-TRAESKO group is very closely cross-linked with production facilities in Europe and Asia and cooperates with a pool of nominated suppliers. A perfect operational structuring as well as high and efficient production capacities play a protruding role when selecting those vendors.

The main selection criteria however are a cooperative understanding of transparency and the compliance of social and environmental standards. Further important principles for a collaboration with ISA-TRAESKO: absolute reliability, continuous quality assurance as well as a well-balanced cost-performance ratio. With most of our production partners we have been working for over 10 years, since long-term supplier relationships based on partnership are part of our understanding of quality assurance.


Chemical and quality standards

Nominated materials

Whether it’s a matter of careful selection of material and producers, constant assurance of harmlessness to health or in-time delivery: ISA-TRAESKO’s quality management sets its own standards in terms of product quality.

These do not only meet all legal chemical and physical requirements but also highly respect the compliance with ecological standards. By implementing a transparent material database and QR code technology, ISA-TRAESKO can already ensure the traceability of its main materials across several production stages today. 

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Quality assurance

Janne Schmidt is responsible for our quality commitment.

If you should have any questions about materials, quality or fitting, please feel free to contact her at any time.

In case of questions about quality

Janne Schmidt

Head of Quality Assurance


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