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Innovation & Passion

Individual Designs

Our design team, professionally led by Inka Koopmann, creates convincing and inspirational collections. The team pours its heart and soul into every minutiae detail that is designed with utmost dedication and passion. Our goal, to create “the favorite” pair of shoes for the wearer. Always influenced by the latest trends our product innovations not only inspire our customers but also ourselves.


From A to Z

The whole world of shoes

ISA-TRAESKO consistently delivers large volumes at competitively fair prices over the entire worldwide spectrum of shoes. From highly specialized safety shoes to chrome free tanned infant shoes. From the coziest home slippers to stylish sneakers. From colourful rainboots to technical hiking shoes. Our design specialist create everything that is worn on your feet that is unless you prefer to walk barefoot…….



Environmentally Friendly Material Innovations

Our material sourcing department works hand in hand with our corporate responsibility team. Sustainable product concepts are initiated in the first design process. Our experts are continuously developing sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in reaching our goal of leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint on our earth.


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transparent supply chains

Uncompromising Quality

We create transparent shoes: At ISA-TRAESKO you are able to digitally follow the entire shoe chain process. Where was the shoe produced and under what conditions were the factory employees working? Which materials were utilized and what were their effects on the ecology? Where were the materials manufactured and were all environmental standards maintained? Our quality and corporate responsible teams work in Germany and directly in the place of production, aiding where necessary but also assuring quality and environmental aspects are upheld.


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