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Welcome to ISA-TRAESKO! A Northern German family business that has reliably developed and produced shoes, accessories and home decoration articles for our business partners for almost 50 years. Our business models, production partners and customers have developed and changed over these years. But our passion for innovative products, uncompromising quality and utmost reliability have remained.



From wooden shoes to global retail chains

A business that started as a typical direct shoes sales to German department stores and specialist retailers with Danish wooden clogs from Norremark in 1974, is a complex, global production and trade network, that encompasses the whole shoes’ market today. The Scandinavian top sellers were soon added western boots from Spain and casual shoes from Portugal. In 1990, we already shipped the first pumps from Thailand and winter boots from Taiwan to our European customers, among which – like today – above all superstores and discount markets. Today, we produce our shoes with highly specialized production partners in Asia and Eastern Europe. No matter where and with whom we realize our product ideas – our requirements are convincing quality and utmost reliability concerning supply and performance.


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Family business with courage & team spirit

ISA-TRAESKO has always been a family business. This applies especially to the first years during which Gerhard and Karin Heinz ran the company from their family home and the rattling telex machine tossed the family out of bed on Saturday mornings. Or to those when the whole family worked night shifts in the harbor of Hamburg to make sure that the first big deliveries from Asia reach their customers in time. When both their children – Ulrike and Carsten – officially joined the company in the late 80ies, ISA-TRAESKO really became a family business which has preserved the team spirit and the values of their early years up to now. Although our ISA-TRAESKO family has meanwhile spread over four continents, Carsten Heinz still leads his company with entrepreneurial spirit and an impeccable sense for marketing. Just like in former times.



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Milestone 3

Towards a sustainable future

The shoe business has always been subject to change: So with time also our business model was adapted to meet the changing market requirements. The traditional shoe retail which we started with turned into a global production and import business. You couldn't place an order with just a handshake any longer and trust it would all go well. New global partners produced our orders around the world which became a challange for our quality assurance. This challange was the foundation we built today's quality claim upon. We are especially proud about our Corporate Responsibility team, who is digging deeper and deeper into out supply chains, improving social and environmental standrads and - as a member of relevant industry initiatves - is working towards a better fashion industry. 

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Milestone 4

New paths with new brands

During the last years, we have broadened the centrepiece of our company, Design and Collection Development, by another intriguing new section.By entering the brands and license business, we could add our customers an innovative value to our long lasting experience in the development of private labels. We would like to create products that are fun! And help our customers to be different from the rest of the market. By doing so, we remain true our ISA-TRAESKO DNA and our quality commitment and lift our collection to a perfectly new level.

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