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For our environment and the people

Since 2017, ISA-TRAESKO is audited and certified according to the high standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). FSC® works to take care of our forests and those who rely on them: by protecting plant and animal species, Indigenous Peoples rights, forest workers’ safety, and much more. Our Chain of Custody certification proves that we are sourcing materials from FSC®-certified forests, and following FSC®-defined best practice throughout the production process and supply chain.

In February 2017, ISA-TRAESKO joined the B.A.U.M. network, Germany’s leading organization for sustainable business. By joining this pioneer of ecological business, ISA-TRAESKO committed herself to take responsibility for her impact on society, environment and the future of our globalized world.

ISA-TRAESKO’s German headquarter is using 100% green energy and is operating climate-neutral since 2017. After reducing our CO2 emissions as far as possible in 2016, we started to offset all remaining emissions, including all business travels, with Atmosfair. Atmosfair is a German climate protection organisation which is regularly ranked as top offsetting provider. They actively protect the climate, reduce CO2 emissions and support sustainable development by transferring technology and combating poverty. With ISA-TRAESKO’s contribution, Atmosfair is financing green energy projects in India.


Production Achieving the best together

The ISA-TRAESKO Group is closely linked with production centres in Europe and Asia. Perfectly structured process management as well as high and efficient production capacities play a major role in their selection.

Quality Controls Responsibility is one of our top priorities at ISA-TRAESKO

A multi-stage test programme, accompanied by our own specialized ISA-TRAESKO departments in Germany and the Far East, ensures flawless production results.

Social Responsibility Fairness is a fundamental requirement at ISA-TRAESKO

We at ISA-TRAESKO GmbH believe that fairness and honesty are the fundamental pillars of all business relationships. Combining economic success ...

Engagement We make our presence known

ISA-TRAESKO is a member of CADS, a collaboration organised by the German Shoe Institute. This association deals with the issue of harmful substances in shoes and implements initiatives to prevent the use of hazardous substances.

Quality Top-notch products through comprehensive controls

Whether carefully selecting materials and suppliers, constantly ensuring on-time delivery and the prevention of health risks ...