Walk the change

Transparency plays a crucial part in each transformation process; especially in our industry with its highly complex supply chains. After defining our new social sustainability approach in 2016, our Corporate Responsibility team decided to record ISA-TRAESKO’s sustainability efforts in an internal report each year. While the initial review and our first report were only shared with our employees and partners, we decided to take the 2017 report one step further and publish it officially. As a worldwide operating company, we’ve decided to follow the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. These reports are published biannually.

Download our newest responsibility report.

Environmental Compliance Step by step forward

We acknowledge that the main part of our product’s carbon emissions and environmental impact is generated along our supply chain. ...

Social Compliance Fair partnerships

We at ISA-TRAESKO GmbH believe that fairness and honesty are the fundamental pillars of all business relationships. Combining economic success ...